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How to Write a Civilian Resume as a Military Vet

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The military speaks its own languages. Each service has its own way of communicating things. The first step in creating a strong military-to-civilian resume is to, as St. Translate your titles, acronyms, equipment, skills, and anything else that could go over the head of a civilian decision-maker. For veterans struggling to get started, creating a master military resume can be an effective first step.

There are records and resources available to all veterans that can provide a starting point or fill in some gaps. It contains every MOS [military occupational specialty] they were in with a description. Not only that, but every single course and certification they took. They contain measurable results, number one. Digging up these documents can make a world of difference when it comes to creating a strong resume foundation. Civilians do not understand the hierarchy or responsibilities of military titles.

One of the most helpful things you can do on your military-to-civilian resume is to change your titles into something a civilian reader will find familiar. That translates over to assistant manager, line supervisor, section leader, task leader, foreman.

Same things with the lower ranks, like E1 to E3. Maybe they were private or a seaman recruit or a seaman apprentice. That could be a production worker, an assembler, a technician, an apprentice, or a team member. This can be a tough pill for veterans to swallow. Enter your service branch and classification code or title to receive a detailed report including all the tasks, skills, technology, and knowledge associated with the position, as well as a list of civilian-equivalent job titles.

Translate everything you can on your resume. Veterans are trusted with a great deal of responsibility and can serve in a wide variety of roles throughout their military career.

If you want to take the plunge yourself, visit our Military Skills Translator to make Military lingo something any civilian employer will understand. Your challenge, therefore, is to write and design a resume that not only opens doors to prospective opportunities but can also be used as an effective interview guide.

This is critically important for military-to-civilian job seekers who must focus their resumes on skills, qualifications, and accomplishments that are transferable to the civilian workforce.

In essence, you want to write a resume that paints of picture of who you want to be and NOT who you were. David Michaels is retiring after a year military career with a specialization in manpower planning, force management and personnel deployment. His goal is a senior-level position in corporate human resources and organizational development. When David develops his resume, he basically has two options and the decision that he makes will influence his entire job search.

Focus his resume on who he was. If he does this, his summary might read something like this:. Focus his resume on who he wants to be. The obvious answer is that Option 2 is, by far, the best alternative to position David in the civilian workforce. In the summary, David has used the right words to create the right picture of how he wants to be perceived in the market. And, in turn, these are the skills and experiences that each and every interviewer will ask David about.

The resume for the fictional Roberta C. Jackson is an excellent example of the "make your resume interviewable" strategy in action.

Should I Add Military Experience to My Resume?

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Writing Military-to-Civilian Resumes: Make Your Resume Interviewable. It's going to open doors and help generate interviews and, if done well, can serve as a remarkably effective interview.

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Army-To-civilian Resume Example. Resume sample for a candidate in the Army interested in transitioning to a civilian job. Candidate has IT experience, . VA and Veteran's Service Links; VA Benefits Downloads; Education / Training; Resume and Cover Letter. You may be the best-qualified applicant for a job, but unless your qualifications are portrayed effectively, you may not get an interview. Sample chronological resume for Department of the Army Civilian Sample chronological resume for.

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Just out of the military and in search of a job in logistics or management? Check out this military to civilian resume sample to help you get started. How to convert military experience to a civilian resume. Real Warriors: transitioning to civilian employment. Home A good place to start is the Department of Labor’s Military to Civilian Occupation Translator. This online tool helps figure out what types of jobs are a good match for you. If you use terms you learned in the service, a.