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Epic Similes in The Odyssey

❶Next you can learn which translations might suit you best, depending on your reasons for exploring the Odyssey. Odysseus winds up on their island on his journey home to Ithaca.

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From what war is Odysseus attempting to return home?

Similar formulaic expressions and stock scenes also appear within both the Odyssey, and the Iliad. This leads us to believe that since the composer of the Odyssey uses the tools of an oral poet, he himself must himself have been trained as an oral poet.

This also suggests, but does not prove, that the Odyssey was itself composed orally. We do know that the Bosnian singers recorded by Parry were capable of composing poems of a comparable length to the Odyssey. Lord, have argued that the formulaic character of Homeric writing excludes the possibility of written composition.

However, the eminent German scholar Wolfgang Kullmann has argued that no Serbo-Croatian epic poetry comes close to the literary quality of the Iliad and the Odyssey, and that a work of such quality can only be created with the aid of writing. It becomes necessary to choose a suitable translation of the Odyssey, whether this will be used for classroom or personal use.

The first decision that needs to be made when teaching or studying the Odyssey is exactly which translation to use. It is necessary to carefully consider the balance between readability and accuracy that will best suit the reader.

Possibly the most readable translation on the market is the verse translation of Robert Fagles, published by Penguin Classics. Athena turns into a bird and perches to watch the battle with the suitors.

Also - she and Apollo hang as vultures over the battlefields at Troy. Stop making people do your homework It will help you more in the long run. Related Questions Any help with The Odyssey homework? Help with the Odyssey!!!!! Homework Question about Book 1? Odyssey homework vocab help!!!!!? Please help me with my Odyssey homework.?

What will the problem be if Odysseus kills the Cyclops? In book 9 of The Odyssey, Odysseus and his men stumble upon the land of the Cyclopes. After finding a cave filled with milk and cheese, Odysseus attempts to snatch some nourishment for himself and Book Twenty-Three is the penultimate book of the Odyssey. Odysseus has survived his many trials and made it home to Ithaca, killed the suitors who had taken over his household, and been reunited Who says the following and why?

The quotation comes from Book II of the Odyssey. Fortified with the able assistance of the goddess Athena, Telemachus has plucked up the courage to call an assembly which he then proceeds to Penelope has tried her very best to stall the suitors Compare the main characters of books 5 and 10 of The Odyssey. What are the similarities? Books 5 and 10 center around Odysseus, unlike books 1—4, which focus on his son, Telemachus.

In this respect, books 5 and 10 actually follow the same main character. Circe and Calypso, however, What are some reasons why Odysseus should not be immortalized? Odysseus is an important literary figure and thus it makes sense that students should continue to read the Homeric epics and learn about him. However, there is a difference between studying someone What are some good quotes with page numbers from The Odyssey about Odysseus being smart?

Where others use their brawn—their What are the task, quest, and journey archetypes in The Oddysey? After the task and quest of recovering Does Odysseus believe that his destination is more important than the journey?

Discuss the theme of homecoming in chapters 13— In particular, consider how both Odysseus The second half of The Odyssey begins with the arrival of Odysseus back in his native land of Ithaca. Compare and contrast the conditions at the court of Odysseus at the beginning of The Odyssey In the first four books of The Odyssey, Homer builds the world into which Odysseus will be returning at the end of his journey: Discuss several ways in which Homer uses his tale to illustrate moral values that were important In the story, Odysseus is the quintessential Homeric hero.

He is loyal, courageous, honorable, Discuss why Homer used everyday detail of Greek life to enhance his tale and give it a familiar These adventures involve other great heroes, as well as gods and Why did Homer include types of help from the immortals and Odysseus himself instead of presenting By including both help from the gods and instances of Odysseus helping himself with his wit and strength, Homer is able to show that Odysseus is a hero favored by the gods and able to allow Discuss episodes in which Odysseus triumphs through his own ingenuity and where he receives help Gods and goddesses are present and potent throughout The Odyssey and often intervene to help Odysseus.

In the Odyssey, the myth of Oedipus is mentioned. How does the perspective on divine justice The justice may take a while to manifest, and it often comes through a scene of In the Odyssey, both the myth of Oedipus and his mother Jocasta and the myth of Clytemenstra and

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Feb 07,  · The Odyssey Homework Help! Please Help!? Chapter 16 1. why do you think telemachos doubts that odysseus will defeat the suitors even after hearing about his father's great ideas Resolved.

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