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Conquering Present/Past Indicative and Progressive Verb Traps

❶Always look in front of your subject and verb to see if there is a word introducing it as a clause a mini-sentence adding more detail to the main sentence. There are three different forms of the perfect aspect in English:

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Progressive and Perfect Aspects
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Types of Helping Verbs

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Learn how to use the English past, present and progressive tenses correctly. In this article, ESL students will have controlled practice with the use of the Simple Present and Past tenses. This is an excellent opportunity to distinguish between the use of the simple indicative forms, and the progressive forms.

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The verb is the most important part of a sentence. A verb is defined as a word which shows action or state of being.

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Jan 14,  · 9th grade work. I am so lost, my teacher is awful. She doesn't actually teach us anything, she just sends us home with buckets of work. Anyway, I need to know if the following are Status: Resolved. Overview of Subject-Verb Agreement Among the many things writers need to watch carefully is for the subject (the actor) to agree with the verb (the action). In English, this is usually broken down into two categories, the singular subject with a singular verb, and the plural subject with a plural verb. The first step is to decide what the subject is and what the verb is in the sentence.