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What are Box-and-whisker Plots?

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box and whisker plots homework help
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How do you add two different data sets into the one graph? What happens when you have two numbers, that need to be on the plot, are the same? What percent of the data values are located within the box? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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IP Isoom Pickett Aug 31, RW Rachel Whalen Mar 8, JN John Nolan Sep 28, BB Barbara Burgess Apr 19, SC Shalom Chabalala Nov 7, A line is drawn down the mean point for the data set. You draw a dot where the extremes are and vertical lines for the quartile regions. You connect the three vertical lines with horizontal lines to create two boxes. Finally, you connect the extremes to the 1st and 3rd quartiles with a horizontal line. If outliers are present, you just plot the points and do not connect to anything else.

A Box-and-Whisker Plot is a statistical method used to highlight the median of a set of data. Then, you plot the numbers on a number line in this case the range would be 1 to 7 and create a box from 2 to 5.

You should be able to see that most of the data and the media is congregated closer to 7. Draw two little lines at the endpoints. Then draw two lines at the first and third quartile these will be the edges of your box. Close the box, and then draw a line through it at the second quartile median then, draw a line attaching the edges of the box to the endpoints.

A box-and-whisker plot is a simple way of representing statistical data on a plot in which a rectangle is drawn to represent the second and third quartiles, usually with a vertical line inside to indicate the median value.

The lower and upper quartiles are shown as horizontal lines either side of the rectangle. Box-and-whisker plots are a way of statistically graphing a set of data along a number line.

The box represents the grouping of almost all your data, with the median number in your data splitting the box into a group of data that is below the average, and a group of data that is above the average. The whiskers represent the maximum and minimum values of the data that you are representing. A visual depiction of a distribution of numbers highlighting the min, q1, mean, q3, and max values.

For example, you can use the classroom results on an exam to not only see what the students are scoring on average, but where the majority of the students are concentrated in terms of their scores, plus what the highest and lowest scores were.

Box and whisper plots and visual number line graphs used to clearly show the ranges and important values of a set of data. They will show lower and upper extremes the biggest and smallest numbers , the median the middle number, dividing the data into two halves , and the quartile values the middle numbers of both halves, or the quarter values.

Box and Whisker Plots are another way to visualise data. What is unique about this type of plot is that it demarcates all four quartiles AND any outliers present in the data. Box and whisker plots are great two dimensional representations of data sets.

They are especially useful when there are multiple y values for discrete x values. The box and whisker plot allows for the demonstration of quartiles, median, and upper and lower outliers for each set of y values. This will help us see these key values for the data set at a glance, as well as any skew for the data set. If we wanted to represent SAT scores by discrete age of the test taker i. On the x axis, we can plot our ages, and on the y axis, we can plot the composite scores for each person in each x value.

Then, separately, we can define the quartiles, the median, and the maximum and minimum. Now, for each age, we can draw a box with the upper limit at the 75th percentile, and the lower limit at the 25th percentile. We draw a horizontal line through the box where the median falls. Then, we extend lines to the maximum and minimum data points from the ends of the box.

Box and whisker plots are useful to show the median, upper and lower quartiles, upper and lower extremes and outliers. They are situated over a numberline and are easy to understand and use. A Box and Whisker plot is a very efficient way of graphically depicting a Five number summary displaying the key components that have been noted throughout a range of simple data.

The first factor being the Minimum Value within a data, the smallest number. A box and whisker plot helps show all these variables within a graph for easier understanding of how the data is dispersed throughout the graph. Generally data looks like a bunch of points scattered around a plot, without much in the way to visually interpret them.

The mean is the average of the data, and the standard deviation can be thought as the average amount that the actual data varies is different from the mean. With this information, we can understand quite a bit about the layout of the data. Box-and-whisker plots give us a way to visualize this data. When someone gives you a mean and standard deviation, it can be hard to think of what that means about the distribution.

The box-and-whisker plot, on the other hand, shows you the range that most scores fall in, where the extreme scores are, and it can even suggest which scores are likely to be outliers, all in one diagram!

For example, if a teacher wanted to see how well the students did on their exam, a box-and-whisker plot would show the lowest test score indicated by the minimum point , the highest test score indicated by the maximum point , and where the students averaged. The box in the middle indicates where most students are averaging closely too.

This is a simple way to understand the relationship data has within itself, as well as a visual way of understanding Quartiles. Box-and-whisker plots are a lovely data visualization that allows you to show not only some key measures of central tendency of a data set, but also indicates the spread of the data.

Additionally and critically , box-and-whisker plots allow you to distinguish outliers from the rest of the data set. It can quickly tell you the limits, upper and lower quartiles, and the median of a data set. The spread of a data set can quickly be determined. Box-and-wisker plots are a tool that was invented because back in the day we did not have computers that could crunch numbers as quickly as they can today.


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Box-and-whisker-plot or diagram is a way of representing minimum value of data, first quartile, median, second quartile and maximum value of data.

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