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But more and more, I actually find it much harder to be as disciplined as I was once. Yet, I had the foresight early into my grad career to consider that I, perhaps, I would need a break. I figured that keeping up my school load, work stress, community engagement, and just being a single girl surviving in New York City would feel a bit like drowning. I set myself up pretty well so that, academically, my only focus would be on my thesis.

I also signed up for a half marathon in April to make sure that I forced myself to stay healthy as I spent hours sitting on my butt, researching and writing plus I work a desk job.

My job has a set schedule, so I could easily plan around that. But, alas, I sit, surrounded by my thesis research at my feet, within a week of my first draft deadline, and not motivated at all to write. Then I get so many different examples, I get hung up on trying to figure out which sample is most like what I should be doing.

How do people do this?! Now is not the time for me to get burned out! What are your tricks for getting this done? Anal retentive observance of a schedule? The acquisition of a muse? I have to start by saying that I have no answers for you. But I can identify with this so much that I had to wonder for a moment how you were spying on me!

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You just set a timer for 25 minutes, work solidly until it goes off, then take a 5 minute break, and start again with another 25 minutes. After 4 pomodoros, you can take a 10 minute break. This worked really well for me in getting a flow going. Most theses seem to be graded more on the format than the ideas within the document. So just pay attention to those items and you will be fine. I agree with recording it and transcribing it.

Break down everything into smaller pieces. Write up a list. Cross them off as you go. Focus solely on your thesis for 40 minute blocks then go do something else for 10 minutes.

Jump up and down the spot if you have to - get away from it and do something else. And remember, all of this will be over soon. If 40 minutes is inconceivable and it would be for me , then just do as long as you think you can do.

Build up from there. Also, "procrastinate with work". Do you have any friends that studied the sameish stuff. Can you give them a call and ask to talk your thesis through with them. Wait, you can talk about it but not write?

You need a helper! Recruit a friend with a scant understanding of the topic if possible. Talk back to them, and then make notes after of anything that came out that you liked. Rinse, repeat, until you have a full page of notes. Then buy them a beer and type up the notes. Then get them back the following night and do the same. Now you have to write another sentence. It might not be a good sentence, and you might not even end up keeping it, but literally the only way to actually complete this thesis is to write a sentence.

Also, when you start trying to work, set a timer for 10 minutes. When the timer rings, set it for another 10 minutes. Greenish, that is awesome advice. Hopefully someone loves me enough to actually sit down and do this with me.

You all are awesome. Keep it coming, please: That feeling physical blocked thing is an anxiety symptom. But the great thing is, because of that, every little step that you can take to reduce your anxiety about the process will help to lift the block. Right now, my entire goal is to just pull up the document. Okay, now I have the document open. No creativity necessary, not too bad, a little less anxious. I went through this recently, even down to the point where I could talk about it but not write about it.

I talked about it with just about everyone, but especially with other students in my program. We met every week for an informal thesis support program, and then helped each other through it the rest of the week as well. Literally talk both of you through your chapter, and record or write down the solutions you come up with. Lots of fellow thesis-writers will be happier to help than you might think. For whatever reason, my brain very easily flips into "this draft must be PERFECT the first time around" mode if a word document gets too big or if I just look at a computer funny.

I have about notecards that I made in the last month of my writing that outlined every part of my chapter. I intended it as a big outline but I ended up breaking each chapter down to an almost paragraph-by-paragraph outline with notecards as I worked. It took probably days out of the month just to write the notecards out, but oh my goodness they were so helpful. There was just something soothing about firing off cards for an hour or so, spending three hours stretching them out across my living room floor, shuffling and reorganizing them to see if another idea worked better, and then during writing just picking up a card out of the pile, knowing I needed to write about the history of the germ theory for paragraphs, throwing everything I knew at it, and then moving the card to the back of the stack when finished.

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The only thing standing between you and finishing your thesis is your self-confidence. That’s right: it’s not time or your thesis supervisor or your thesis committee. When you have self-confidence and know beyond the shadow of any doubt that you have what it takes to finish your thesis, you can leap over any obstacle.

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I should be writing my thesis, like right now, but something in me just can't. I was supposed to get 30 pages to my advisor a week ago, but I only have 10 of this chapter, 20 of the overall thing (70 ish pages total is the goal).

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