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Homework Help Three Day Diet Analysis

homework help three day diet analysis

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I received a good report in the protein category. I love to eat meat. The vegetable category was okay in some areas, but needs improvement. I also need to improve in the calorie area. Apparently, I was under my calories, but the empty calories I was over the limit. As I mentioned before my eating habits are not good at all.

I can adjust my diet by eating the appropriate nutrients. I need to eat more fruits because my results were not good in that category.

I can add some whole fruits as a snack rather than eating Pringles for a snack. My dairy category was not as good either. I must admit that I do not drink milk or eat ice cream at all. I am lactose and I stay away from dairy products. The grains nutrients showed that I should eat 6 ounce s , 3 ounce s of whole grains, and 3 ounce s of refined grains. My report showed I was under in that category as well. The six classes of nutrients are carbohydrates, lipids, water, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

My overall intake of nutrients raised a red flag towards my health when I saw that my sodium intake is over the consumption amount. I suffer from hypertension and I need to make sure I take my consumption on certain foods seriously. I see now that I have really put myself in danger of having a stroke. I also know that I should improve my vitamin intake as well.

I suffer from low iron, and I have to take three iron pills a day. Reviewing my results from the 3-day diet analysis really helped me improve my eating habits. The number one thing I improved was the sodium. I learned to decrease how much salt I was eating. I printed out the food groups and calorie intake chart, so I could see how to measure my servings. When I go grocery shopping I take my list of foods that I got off the 3-day diet analysis, so I can know what foods are healthy for me.

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3-DAY DIET ANALYSIS SUMMARY Project Report The purpose of this summary is to interpret the data generated in the three Supertracker reports: Food Groups %(1).

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Three Day Diet Analysis Three Day Diet Analysis Karen Proctor SCI/ January, 13, Timothy Baghurst The Choose My Plate website provided by the U.S. government provides a way to plan, track, and compare meals based on the nutrients needed by the individual. View Homework Help - Diet Analysis Assignment from HLTHST at Boise State University. Three-Day Diet Analysis By: Rubric Students evaluation Three day food record MyPyramid Recommendations%(2).

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View Homework Help - My Diet Analysis: Assignment 2 3 Day Diet Tracking from SCI at Quinnipiac University. My Diet Analysis: Assignment 2 3 Day Diet Tracking NAME: SCI_04_ Fall80%(5). Complete the Three-Day Diet Analysis a second time. Compare your recent results to your results from Week One. Use your findings from the comparison and the Healthy Eating Plan paper as reference tools to write a 1, to 1,word paper, outlining how your nutritional habits have changes, if at all, since the first week of this class.